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Save  Money selling your Home,  On $170,000 sale you can save up to $3,400 to  $5,100 on commissions.   (ALL Commissions are Negotiable, but our  office policy has a minimum.)

These rates are for in town only.

Seller Listings Discount.

Total commission of 3% with a minimum commission of $3,500. (All commissions are negotiable.) but this is our office policy. 

This is the Breakdown:

1% to listing brokerage minimum $1,500

2% to buyers brokerage. Minimum $2,000  (This can be Negotiable.)

If  you do need full service i.e. Realtors have to contact us to show, we  need to go open your house for any reason or you can not use email for Signing then we will discuss the  options and this type of service will be offered on a case-by-case basis  contact us for more information.

What kind of service do you get for this Save Money Selling home listing discount:

Why not save Money selling  home.

We  will be coming to your house to take pictures get property details and  put up a sign and lock box as needed, You get one free home evaluation,  depending on the size of your home up to 36 photos, a  six month listing  on the MLS.
With this save money selling home Discount there will be some limits to how many phone calls, texting, emails,You have to read the contract before asking questions because most question will be Answered  if you read it.

 If there are special showing instructions the Realtors will be given your phone number.  As  the seller you will be responsible for contacting us for price changes  or any other changes to the listing.(A Maximum of three changes per  month.)
For open houses you can notify us through email or text message and we will put it on the MLS.
 The unfortunate side of this Save money selling home listing discount   compensation, we will not be able to spend much time with you as our  client because we have to turn over larger numbers of properties  therefore we have less time to spend on each listing so please don’t be  offended if we have to cut things short and rush thank you.

For  most properties if you have not heard from any potential buyer within  the first week then you may need to consider a price reduction or do  improvements to the property but it will not be a marketing issue.

 Does  the seller listing discount rate mean I get less marketing for my  property?  The short  answer is no you just save money selling Home,  most agents only put your property on the MLS and from there  it automatically feeds to hundreds of websites like zillow  /trulia, and hundreds of agent websites.  When an agent says I  work harder for you what that translates to is :1 take pictures, 2  listing paperwork 3 put up a sign /lock box, 4 Enter information into  the MLS (no other sites), 5 Field Buyer's/Agents about the property, 6   Present Offers to you.
I guess the point I’m trying to make is most  all agents work about the same,  so why would you want to pay all that  extra money for the same service, the big corporate brokerages they  don’t offer anything special, the commercials you see it’s just hype and  advertising THEIR brand or
company Not doing anything more for you  or your property. They try to make you think you’re getting something  more but you’re not, it has worked pretty well for them but with people  wising up with all the information available to them with the internet  it is sure to change very soon.  I just want to remind You about how you can save money selling all.
Example of limited service:
 We received an offer on your listing we will email it to you and make  one phone call or text you to let you know you have an offer to review  we will not take the time to explain it over the phone it’s up to you to  read it and then if you have any questions call or email or text we  prefer email if we get too many phone calls we will have the right to  cut that off and make you use email form of communication this is how we  can afford to do this reduced commission because we will not have the  time to do full service that’s why we call it full-service with  limitations.
Here is another example let’s say you decide to turn  off the utilities because you think you’re going to save money during  the listing time it’s not our job to tell you when there
will be  inspections or appraisals in other words we always suggest strongly that  all utilities remain on once there is an offer that’s accepted minimum  and THROUGH until the day of closing.
Another example there are time  frames in a contract that will be up to you to make sure you follow  through with your side of the contract example you receive an offer and  you
have so much time to respond back to that offer, we will not be  reminding you. Another example of this is the buyers inspection report  you will have so much time to respond
back to that if you accept or  reject we will not be reminding you. All these time frames are outlined  on the Contract and when we e-mail it to you we will let you know but it  is
not our responsibility to check with you, you must keep track and respond to us.

For  multiple owner's on property listings, there will be ONE Contact Person  ONLY as we will not be dealing with Multiple owner's on one property  and will not respond to any other person other than the ONE  Contact  Person.  Each party involved must have their own e-mail and they will  get information copied to them as well as e-signatures sent  for their  signatures when needed but it will be up to the ONE Contact Person to  make sure all the different owners get their part done and get them  copies of all documents.  Dealing with more than one person in Any  Listing constitutes a Full Service & NOT Limited Service listing.

We  reserve the right to decide what Listing Constitutes Full Service vs  Limited Service.  Both services are 100% representation but the Service  is what is varied.

For  a little soapbox the real estate industry today is very different than  in the Past there is no magic arrow in the way of marketing to get  people to pay more than a property is worth. Everybody has access to the  Internet and often Buyer's know more about the property they're  interested in than the Realtor that is showing it. So in our current  Seller's Market it really comes down to 100% the price. A property may  sell quicker due to demand for the Location / Amenities but reality in  the Current Mohave County Market generally a property that is priced  correctly is going to be in escrow in less than 30 days of Listing.

To  make sure you understand even at this discounted rate if you want to do  open houses you will be responsible for that this is still a full  representation with limited service if for any reason your property  needs to be opened up for someone we are not going to go open it up you  will have to have somebody lined up to do that or have a lock box on now  we will offer a lock box for people who have the Ekey but if you have  say a handyman or somebody that is cleaning or any other reason you will  have to provide your own combination lock box.